How to get Pregnant with Metaphysics

How I got pregnant at forty with Chinese Metaphysics

This article is for those on a conception journey. Maybe you are reading this because you are trying to get pregnant and are not having success, you know someone who is trying to get pregnant at an older age, and/or you are in the process of IVF and you know how much it costs and how painful to your soul, and a relationship, it can be to go through this process. 

I share with you my first and second pregnancy story and conception journey, and describe how I got pregnant with by harnessing the powerful ancient wisdom of Chinese Metaphysics. 

My former husband and I got married at the young age of twenty-five. We were two happy soul mates with nothing but love to give to each other. We decided to postpone having children for a while and enjoyed the wonderful modern lifestyle of city living, travel, and our fun life together.

After turning 30 years old, we started trying to conceive but a year later we still had no success getting pregnant. We “had it all” except the precious baby we had started to become obsessed with; the pressure was on as nature was calling and the rest of our friends had started their families. We finally decided to visit a fertility clinic where we were informed that the only way to get pregnant was going to be thru In vitro fertilization (IVF), ugh! We had to finance the costly procedure, instead of buying a car as we had planned, and we engaged in the tedious and expensive process of IVF. 

Luckily our first try of IVF worked! On the very first attempt, “healthy us”, produced so many dish babies and were left with eight healthy embryos. Only One was transferred fresh and the result was a gorgeous healthy baby. The seven embryos left were frozen. We could have not been happier with our beloved son and of course, we wanted more! 

Two years later we scheduled a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), two frozen embryos were transferred but, sadly for us, nothing implanted. However, we still had four embryos left. So, we thought okay, we just have to work hard and put the money together to have another FET done, and we were pretty sure it would work. Well, easier said than done, we were only under one salary, as I was a stay-at-home mom, and we had many extra expenses which made it more difficult than we thought. We pushed through and made it work, and we were able to have a FET done again, we transferred the three surviving embryos with the help of a recommended Intralipid Infusion, and our only concern then was that I may be pregnant with triplets!

Oh dear, what seemed like our last chance to become parents again soon turned into sadness because none of the embryos implanted. My poor husband and I were so sad, we wanted another child. We wanted a brother or sister for our only boy who started begging us for a baby brother non-stop. He was the only comfort we had in this hard time, our precious boy could have not been more beautiful, healthy, smart, and loving. He was a true dream child and worth every penny! We will always be grateful to God for such a gift and decided not to complain but embrace gratitude instead. 

As they say, life happens when your busy making other plans and by our son’s 4th birthday I was pregnant! I conceived naturally! But we soon found out that it was an ectopic pregnancy on my abdomen which could have killed me. I could sense from the beginning something was wrong, thankfully no surgery was needed, and no further complications developed, but our hearts still desired another baby, and this confirmed it.

I then decide to do anything naturally possible to unblock my fallopian tubes, and improve my husband’s sperm count and motility which was one of the main problems. I tried herbal tampons, supplements, and teas for months! He tried several diet changes but Nothing worked. I was determined, and found a Dr. who could perform tubal-unblocking; They were able to unblock one fallopian tube, but I still didn’t get pregnant during the whole year. By then, my husband would travel often around the world because of business and he would bring us along. This is how I would come to discover Classical Feng Shui and my destiny. While traveling through Singapore I noticed that Feng Shui was taken very seriously, unlike in the USA. A year after we moved to Singapore and I enrolled in a Xuan Kong Flying Star Mastery course with a well renowned Grand Master. I put my little boy in a school and started studying. 

Studying Classical Feng Shui was definitively something I had never heard of and it was complicated enough to tickle and tease my brain (even though I had unknowingly been practicing New Age Feng Shui for years!). I loved it, and the more that I practiced and studied back home the more amazing results we would see. We had life-changing experiences. Our business started to do better, we began to live a wonderful lifestyle full of amazing trips and high profile invitations, a great relationship with my then-husband, our family was admirable and amazing opportunities surrounded our lives. 

I went deeper in my studies and started reading every book, taking any possible course abroad, traveling that extra mile, and spending the extra dime to study everything related to Classical Authentic Feng Shui, the form of Feng Shui once used relied on by Chinese emperors and now use by Wealthy People and Corporations around the world. I studied directly in different Asian Countries with multiple Great Grand Masters of Feng Shui, and I found myself launching a Classical Feng Shui consulting business, soon helping clients, family, and myself achieve our goals based in Miami, Florida USA.

Today, I am literally “FengShuing” all the time and enjoying a beautiful healthy happy life, full of great opportunities, a prosperous career, etc., with some ups and downs of course! But, has this powerful Metaphysical Art-Science truly helped us to achieve all this? Well, soon it was time to put it to all the test, as per Classical Feng Shui description the process is to: Harness, collect, and attract good Qi (energy or life force) to then be able to tap into it and help one achieve what they are looking for at that specific time.

This ancient wisdom had helped us achieve lots of these material wishes and endeavors but we still wanted another baby. We decided to give it another try with the help of Chinese Metaphysics. We went for the second round of IVF, seven years later at the age of thirty-nine, it was our last try and very last chance. 

First, we had to stimulate the money-producing areas and tap into the wealth  Qi ( life force ) to be able to afford the expensive IVF treatment with all the added recommendations: PGD, PGS (genetic testing), and IVIG (a very expensive infusion). Wow, it was very expensive to do all this in the USA in the year 2015! We had to do the cycle, and then freeze all the embryos, and then pay for the extra Frozen embryo transfer, but once more, we decided to keep our old cars and spend our money on these procedures. However, this time we had the power of Metaphysics by our side. It was a crucial and delicate time as it was truly our last try.

I had one of my Asian teachers read my astrological chart (Bazi) to give me a more accurate date on when to start. The recommendations were accurate, they indicated a positive partnership around the time we were going to do the proposed genetic testing, which we were very unsure of doing, and my teacher confirmed that it was the appropriate decision for us to proceed with this testing, as it would produce a healthier baby and less probability of a miscarriage. We were so lucky, this test was given to us almost for free due to a new merger between the lab and our wonderful clinic. The Feng Shui consultation and Bazi Chinese Astrology were surely working! 

I was also by my BAZI astrology that my chart is missing fire and that is one of my favorable elements, the element that I (my day master) produce. In Bazi Chinese Astrology, the element that you produce is related to your ability to produce children. The powerful BAZI astrology was able to determine that I should make the embryos at a specific time, but that I should transfer them in another Year! 

I was also recommended to do fire-type activities for my body like acupuncture and yoga, which I of course did, to reduce stress and maximize my potential to conceive. I ate only healthy organic food and was checking my Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology consistently. I was also taking Vitamin Supplements like Coenzyme Q-10, DHA oils, and Royal Jelly from Queen Bees for three months before the ovarian egg retrieval. It is believed that it takes ninety days for the egg to form inside your ovaries, to then be released. 

So, now let’s get into some brief Metapshycal Feng Shui technicalities: My house faces SW3 and is a period 8. In 2015 (the year of treatment) the annual star #9 was at my front door indicating future happiness, happy events, and future wealth were soon to occur because 9 is the second most prosperous star since we are in period 8 (2004-2024). Star # 1 was on our bedroom which is the 3rd most prosperous star in period 8 indicating future wealth and prosperity. As per my calculations by mapping the Qi flow within my property I was also able to read the Qi flow for the years to come and the years that had passed. 

I could see that the Prosperous star 8 was about to fly into my main door in 2016 where I already have a permanent flying star chart with an 8-2 combo. When the annual star 8 falls into that sector lots of good opportunities, prosperity, and good Qi will come thru our main door: The mouth of the Qi, because then the annual star 8 will be combining with the permanent 8, and also because it will combine with the 2 making it a combo of 10. Hang in there! Our bedroom would then get the number 9 annual flying star mixing up with a permanent 9-3 combo (fire brilliance, and a smart child-producing location) What a combo! I concluded that 2016 would definitively be my year to get pregnant. 

With this information, we decided to start the IVF in 2015, and after two cycles, at 39 years of age, I produce 45 eggs! What?! Yes, you are reading it right. This was something impressive to our clinic as well.  Usually, at this age, most women would be lucky enough to get a couple of eggs, and maybe just one if she’s lucky enough. All those eggs had to be fertilized to become embryos and after extensive genetic and chromosomal testing, many of the embryos formed were discarded, leaving us with only one super healthy embryo and other options that were more uncertain. 

We had only one real good Embryo to put our hopes on. We prayed, please Metaphysics, please Feng Shui, Please Astrology, Please God make it work! Success, He did! Deciding to wait until 2016, The Year of The Fire Monkey (Bing Shen), to transfer that ONE embryo was the trick. 

Meanwhile, I took another mastery course in Malaysia, a birthday present from my then-husband, where I met phenomenal people that helped me understand my astrology chart and how to combine BAZI Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui to get real positive results. 

BAZI Astrology and Feng Shui work hand in hand. Astrology acts as a Diagnostic tool and Feng Shui is the prescription. You have to wait for the right time for everything to align, to receive the energy, Qi, that you require for success. Then you have to align your physical body to better frequencies around your home. 

The fire in the current year was bringing, in my case, the energy that my life and body needed to conceive; this would be different for everyone according to their chart and circumstances. There is the element of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water to consider. I needed to get what was missing in my chart. I also decided to “reverse engineer” my circumstances and looked at my house’s Feng Shui when I got pregnant with my first child, and guess what? It was also a fire year with the annual star 8 on my front door and the annual star 9 on our bedroom, incredible right? So, the trick was to wait to have the frozen embryo transfer after the fire year had started, February 4th, 2016, and then wait for the fire energy to be more settled, and we did it to improve our chances. 

I transferred that ONE embryo on a metal month, which is also a favorable element, on my chart. I followed the stars, or energy change, every month and saw that there was a double combo of the yearly and monthly star #9 in my bedroom, and a double combo of the annual and monthly star #8 in my main door, indicating auspicious news and celebrations to come. I also practice “Date Selection” finding out the auspicious days were the energy is uplifting, in its growing cycle instead of declining using a specific Chinese Calendar (Tong Shu) to be precise.

I am happy to say that at 40 years old I finally got pregnant with my second child, which by the way is another very desired boy! 

I continue to deeply study and learn Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, and the power of the mind to be able to guide my clients at a deeper level. I now fully understand the importance of the Cosmic Trinity described in Chinese Metaphysics: Human Luck, which is your hard work, efforts, actions, and beliefs; Heaven’s Luck, which is your astrology, BAZI or your destiny code, the time factor; and Earth’s luck, your Feng Shui, your environment. These three aspects have to be synchronized for you to be able to achieve any of your life goals and desires.

This Cosmic Trinity means that to be in the opportune place, at the right time, with the right people, and with the correct attitude you must work hard, make efforts, use personalized astrology (Bazi) to help you understand your luck energy cycles, and of course consult Authentic Classical Feng Shui that works to maximize your chances of success!

With love and best wishes to all, 


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I want to deeply thank Dr. Rosalba Lopez Chinese Medicine and the biochemistry Dr. at the institute of longevity in Chicago. I would also like to thank Patricia Lee for their advanced help with Qi Men Dun Jia and for answering my important questions at that time “If I transfer 2 embryos would the outcome be 2 babies? The answer was yes, so we only transfer one, thankfully!

Thank you to Marlyna Los, a magnificent advanced Bazi and Feng Shui practitioner in Vancouver, Canada, which later became one of my teachers. Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge, I hope we can keep helping many other couples achieve their dreams of conceiving! 

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