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Welcome friends and beautiful souls outh there, I’m AstroPaloma (Paloma Gallardo), Feng Shui Master, Bazi Chinese Astrologist, Mystic, Life Coach through Soul Awakening and Conscience Evolution. Bi-Lingual Spanish/English, born in Mexico, residing in Miami for many years where I consult online or at my Select Clientele’s Home, Office or Business using these powerful metaphysical tools that will help you transform your life based on personalized information and by combining the 3 powerful forms of Metaphysics: Heaven’s luck, Earth’s luck and Huma’s Luck.

Besides a Batchelor’s Degree in International Relations from UDLA; graduated from various Feng Shui Mastery Courses and Bazi Astrology from multiple acclaimed masters directly in Asian Countries and North America. Having practice Feng Shui for the last 20 years, my professional practice focus on “Real” Classical Feng Shui and its combination with Bazi Astrology to maximize the incredibly powerful benefits. Then, after suffering severe trauma, I had to learn how to heal myself to help heal others. Spiritually awakened to become part of the Star Seeds that will help raise the vibration of humanity. Astro Paloma wants to help you find your true mission in life and deep healing. Guiding you with precise knowledge and wisdom to find solution in areas related to Wealth, Health and Relationships. Take the correct action, at the right time, at the right place with the right mindset for a successful and plentiful life.
Energy (Qi) is free! We just have to learn how to make use of it.

Certifications And Degrees
Paloma Certificate BaZi For Life Mastery-1
Paloma Transforming Fate into Destiny 2018-1
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certificate 2
Feng Shui:

Earth’s Luck: Our surroundings, the energy that flows around us affect  33.3% of our lives.

Bazi Chinese Astrology:

Heaven’s Luck: Your Astrology, what was given to you at the time of birth affect  33.3% of our lives.

Life Coaching (Soul Awakening):

Human’s Luck: Yourself, believes, your actions, your powerful mind takes 33.3% of your life.

What Client Says

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Classical “Real” Feng Shui studies the energy (Qi) flow over the first layer of the planet earth. Qi forms in Nature, flows through the wind and collects at the boundaries of water. This ancient Art/Science is known as one of the most powerful forms of Metaphysics used  by major Business Tycoons, Millionaires around the  world and Powerful Corporations.  Once you have a building structure (Home, Office, Business) with 4 walls, windows, roof and a door; you can collect Qi. Where good energy flows good things will follow.

In a professional Feng Shui Consultation, a floor plan and date of birth is required, a deep property analysis from the surroundings has to be performed (Qi comes from the outside); as well as a deep analysis and Qi mapping of your living space.

AstroPaloma is trained in multiple Schools of Feng Shui: Land Form Feng Shui, Yin House Feng Shui (Burrial Grounds), Yang House Feng Shui  (Xuan Kong Flying Stars and Ba Zhai Eight Mansions) and Date Selection. Consulting at any stage of development, from hiking and analyzing land,  decide where and how to build a structure, home or business;  decide on a good location to burry our ancestors and loved ones; Building or remodeling your dream home so it will be beneficial for you; Analyzing your existing home, office or business to maximize Qi flow, Qi Mapping to help you align yourself (physical body) with good Qi to resonate and vibrate with a much better frequency. If you want to change yourself, change your environment!

Awaken your life destiny with the invisible forces of Cosmic Flow that control your life. A  powerful Astrology using Four Pillars of Destiny based on the Year of birth, the Month, the Day and the Hour of birth. We are not only One Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign as we used to believe; We can have up to Four Animal Signs inside our charts! But the most important part about ourselves, who we truly are, our true power relies on our “Day Master” and its relationship with the entire chart. A Bazi Chart is a personalized  Destiny Map of Opportunities and Challenges that can help you ride “the game of life” in the best possible way. In Chinese Metaphysics, Cosmic Flow is interpreted with forces of Yin and Yang and The Five elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal). What you came to this world to achieve, to learn, to experience, finding your true mission and divine gifts can be very beneficial to achieve healing, internal peace, harmony, purpose and success. Energy, formed by the “Stars” at your specific time of birth, will create an impact in your life. The stars changes will affect us differently every year,  every personal energetic Luck Cycle, every season; life is always changing.  Knowledge gives you power. Taking the right action based on an informed decision can help you transform your life and put it on the right path.  This type of Astrology is not only divination; is Proactive, which is what it makes it better and more powerful; you have to take and action in order to benefit from the energ arriving into your life at a specific time to make a change and take control over your destiny. Guide yourself to success! Why are you feeling a certain way, what  can you do to improve, Is a good time for: Investing, Love, Adventure, Partnership, Business Opportunity, Wealth, Health, Surgery, Childen? Bazi is the ONLY type of Astrology that can be combined together with Feng Shui to maximize benefits. Bazi Astrology acts as the Diagnostic (what is going on in your life?) Feng Shui is the prescription (what you should change around your environment).

Beloved Souls, your mind, your thoughts, your believes, religion, your manifestations are crucial for your success, happiness and the awakening of your soul. We create our own reality and are fully responsible for Co-Creating our future. We are a divine spark from the Creator and have God-Like powers inside of us. Once you change your perspective, you can change your life. After suffering severe trauma, AstroPaloma spiritually awaken through a path of self-healing. She had to learn how to heal herself, so She can help to heal you. Part of her divine mission in life is to  raise the vibration of humanity one soul at a time. Astro Paloma’s powerful consultations will give you the insight and help through your spiritual awakening process helping you find true forgiveness, release, en-lightment,  your mission and  your true purpose in this lifetime,  providing guidance, wisdom and new paradigm insight based on your personalized Destiny Code, and informed decisions. 

The time has come dear Souls to awaken your true powers and energetically ascend into a 5th dimension where love, light, good energy, good vibes, peace, wisdom, thruth and harmony waits for all of us. Join me in this path. Evolve your Conscience, vibrate higher. 

Much love and good energy to all!